Gaming and Your PC

As games get more and more complex, so do the processors that allow them to work get updated. The latest generation of games often requires the latest Intel processors known as Kaby Lake boards. Although these boards have been available in laptops for some time now, they are only now being made available for PCs. Obviously in order for a PC to facilitate the use of one of these processors or boards, the motherboard of the PC must be compatible for them and up until recently, they haven’t been.

The motherboard is the main circuit board for any computer and it is this that determines how good a computer can be. I say can be because although a computer may not be the best, it possibly could be if it has unused motherboard connections. All the components of any computer connect to the motherboard as it is the motherboard, connected to the power supply, which gives them their power and also connects them to each other in order to work and function as one computer. The motherboard therefore has multiple connections and it is just a matter of connecting a component to the correct connection.

Most motherboards in most computers, not only have the connections for what the computer claims to be able to do but also has spare connections to allow for improvements if required. Many components that people want to add like extra memory or a better video card can easily be connected to the motherboard if it has connections available however, as new technologies become available some of the older motherboards may not have suitable connections for them. This is why when buying any computer, you should ask or otherwise ascertain as to exactly what, if any, extra connections the motherboard of that computer may have.

Although computers used by non-gamers are often adequate for the life of the computer or a couple of years at least, the frequencies with which new games come out means that for gamers that is not always the case. A gamer’s computer may very quickly become outdated perhaps so much so that the latest games can’t be played on it, not to their best anyway. This means that recently, gamers using PCs have been hampered because they could not use Kaby lake technology even though a gamer with a laptop may not be hampered at all.

To fully understand all the differences between these Kaby lake products and other processors or components, it is best to look online where there are several sites dedicated to teaching you all you need to know about them and motherboards in general. If you are a gamer you will obviously want to play the game as it was designed to be played and so in order to that, you must have all the components as recommended by the game makers even though this may mean in some instances, getting a new motherboard for your PC however, that is still probably a better or cheaper option to buying a completely new PC.