How Powerful Are Push Notifications To A Businesses

Since the world is going more and more mobile, I have noticed a huge trend. It’s mobile Apps. And one feature that is one of the best marketing tools ever know to man are push notifications. As I saw this, I began to dig deeper into all it can do.

How Push Notifications Work

When ever a person downloads an app from a business, the owner can now send a push message to them. It will pop up on that person’s Iphone, or Android phone with the message you sent them. The business or person can have 100, 1,000, or even 1-million people with who have downloaded their app. When ever you send a push message, everyone who has your app will get the message right away.

Businesses can send special offers or deals with a push message. Realtors can send a message to their prospects on an open house that will be on a certain day. Restaurants can send a message saying they have special discounts on certain menu items on a certain. A bar can send a message that they will be having a buy one get one free draft of any kind of beer on the house friday night. A car dealership can send a message of the newest and most recent automobiles they just received on their lot.

A coffee shop can send a push notification that you get $5 off today for no reason at all, stealing people away from other local coffee shops and Starbucks. As a pastor of a church, you can send a message telling your congregation to view or listen to today’s sermon that they may have missed.
So you can see that you can pretty much do anything with push notifications. However it is important not to mix the push nitrification with texting, or facebooking. Their is a big difference.

Push Notifications Vs. text messaging

Push message notifications is not the same as texting. When you text, you have to manually send it to each person. If you have 100′s, 1,000′s, or millions of people you know, it is impossible to send a text to all of them individually. Texting will also cost you money. So not only do lose money, but you also lose time as well.

It is not the same as Facebooking. You may say to yourself, “Why would I need push notification when I can send a message on Facebook?”When you send a message via Facebook, it can easily get lost with all of the other post on their. Even if people have the Facebook app, you don’t get the message unless you have been involved with the conversation or if somebody sends you a direct message. Also, if people are not logged into Facebook they will receive the message.

Save advertising dollars

Another great benefit of the push notification is that it saves your business advertising dollars. Since everybody gets your message, that will naturally bring in more business. Eventually you can hold on to some of that advertising money you spend every month.

So, I know that you can see how powerful push notifications are. Remember, we are a society of instant gratification. We have to move fast, grow our business, and make money.